red apple with white check mark with words attendance matters; every student. every day
pile of handmade cards
students creating ecobricks from plastic
save the date November 18
word thankful in calligraphy with red, orange and brown leaves
rainbow colored hands with white hearts and the word Fundraising in block lettering
Orange block letter A
sign post with words vendors wanted
2 student portraits with words picture day is coming
orange A
red cross and bandage sign with words health office
orange banner with words important notice
mountain and river picture with words NAMI in our own voice
students on rising
Picture of Mr. Robbins, Mrs. Kazak, Mr. Costello, Mr. Donovan
band student playing instruments on stage
chorus student on stage
Letter A colored orange and lined in black
brightly colored letters school clubs with students reading painting skateboarding
orange banner with words important notice